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Nowadays, it is well known that internet plays a major role in global market. A new portal aimed for latvians in Ireland, for their relatives, friends and others who are interested in news related to Ireland and Latvia is successfully operating since 8th of April, 2007.

This project is seen as unique for the following reasons:
- it is officially estimated that there are around 37 000 Latvians in Ireland today
- by non-official findings, there might be up to 60 000 Latvians currently living in Ireland
- based on various researches, it is expected that the amount of Latvians, coming to Ireland might double in the coming years

What you could find in
- Latvian, Irish, European news from independent sources, articles from different authors
- Useful information for everybody about legal issues, social life, leisure and travel in Ireland
- News about business, advices about setting business in Ireland and Latvia
- News about and from existing civic organizations
- Sports news
- Free of charge personal ads, announcements, videos, commentaries, straw polls and public opinion polls from readers
- In the future: personal e-mailing system, mobile entertainment, purchases on internet, information on Russian and English languages
Aims and objectives of
- Operate with information relevant to Latvian people coming to work or live in Ireland. This Information includes financial services, government legislations, news and announcements from civic organizations and personal opinions
- Explore and acknowledge information relevant to people coming to live and work in Ireland in Latvian and, in the near future in Russian
- Useful information for Latvian and Russian speakers, arranged in a manner to save people’s time, so they do not need to seek this information on other media.
- Improve effectiveness of communication between people living abroad and people in their native country
- Gather all relevant information from Ireland and Latvia. Make internet site convenient for customers, saving time for people who want to get relevant information fast
- Keep all the information up to date, provide information regularly in easy understandable manner, and follow all timing agreements regarding advertisement and others
- Get regular feedbacks from customers, carry out researches about customer satisfaction and make necessarily changes, if needed. Do regular follow-up on customer satisfaction.

Portals’s success -
Targeted by publishing timely and necessary information to the site readership has grown substantially and statistical data show the continual expansion of the audience. According to Google Analytics data last month (14.10.2008 – 13.11.2008) portal has had 43,470 visits from 63 countries in the world and 163,630 page views.


Editor in Chief: Laima Ozola

Editor: Inguna Mieze

Designer: Santa Siliņa

System administrator: Intars Apinis

Advertising, marketing: Imants Miezis

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